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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

Community Partners

 The Ricoh Arena Community Space

Floor 1, Jewson Stand,

Ricoh Arena,

Phoenix Way,





Coventry Community Empowerment Network works in partnership with and is hosted by The Ricoh Arena Community Space.  Like Coventry CEN, The Ricoh Arena Community Space works to promote community benefit across the City of Coventry through information sharing and dissemination, and the provision of training.

The Ricoh Arena Community Space also provides conference/seminar/workshop/event/meeting facilities which are available for hire to community groups and other organisations.  Whether it is a regional or local conference, presentation, theatre performance or meeting, the versatile Community Space is certain to provide everything you need to ensure your event goes smoothly.  The Ricoh Arena Community Space is available for hire to all community groups and organisations both locally and city-wide.

The high-quality auditorium, which can accommodate a maximum of 150 people, is situated on the first floor of the Jewson Stand on the south side of the multi-purpose Ricoh.  It can be used conference or theatre-style and there are also four smaller rooms which are suitable for between six and 16 people.  Audio/visual equipment is available.  There is also the benefit of car parking outside the entrance to the Community Space, which is situated opposite Car Park B.  

The Ricoh Arena Community Space is available for hire between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday, except for Bank Holidays and when major events are taking place at the Ricoh Arena such as Coventry City home games or concerts.  Weekend and evening provision to 9.30pm can be arranged subject to availability.  The Ricoh Arena Community Space is ideal for community groups based in the north of Coventry, city-wide groups and other organisations and its location just yards from junction three of the M6 means it is very convenient for visitors travelling to the Ricoh from outside the city.

The Ricoh Arena Community Space is an independent, incorporated, registered charity.  We work both independently and with partners from all sectors to promote and facilitate public benefit and improve the quality of life for communities both locally in Foleshill, Holbrooks and Longford and across the City of Coventry in furtherance of our charitable objects through the provision of facilities, services, as a resource body, and the establishment, operation, maintenance and management of The Ricoh Arena Community Space


For further information and to find out about availability and hiring conditions, telephone: 07766 142238, email or visit 

The Ricoh Arena Community Space - A History.pdf (6.5MB)
The Ricoh Arena Community Space - A History
The Ricoh Arena Community Space - leaflet 2016 [1].pdf (484.1kB)
The Ricoh Arena Community Space - Leaflet



Mark Wood - and the Ricoh Arena Community Space - in Grise fiord, Resolute Bay, Canada

With thanks to Mark Wood Explorer, and to Snowball Expeditions, for taking The Ricoh Arena Community Space to ... "the top of the world"... Grise Fiord, Resolute Bay - the northern most civilian settlement in Canada!

Mark Wood is a polar explorer and adventurer.  He has guided and trained people for Polar and mountain expeditions working in the Himalayas, the Canadian High Arctic and the wilds of Alaska.  Reaching the Geomagnetic North Pole twice and guiding the BBC Top gear team to the magnetic North Pole (96) on the ôRace to the Pole special, Mark completed his North South Solo expeition earlier this year.  For more information about Mark's next North South Sole Expedition click  here.

Mark has held talks, conferences and team meetings in The Ricoh Arena Community Space since 2008 prior to going on expedition.

In 2009 four tents together with all the equipment were set out within the venue just before the "Our World" Expedition.  

Mark and his team returned again in 2010 to prepare for the Himalayan Global Schools project. 

The Ricoh Arena Community Space is a supporter of Mark Wood Expeditions.


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