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Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer

Coventry's Asset Transfer Policy has been developed in partnership between the Council, Voluntary and Community Sectors to ensure that it is transparent and fit for purpose. The Policy provides an opportunity for organisations from the voluntary and community sectors to make an application to have a Council owned asset (land or building) transferred to them for management - provided that the transfer will benefit the local community. Each application will be considered against a transparent and robust scoring mechanism ensuring that the applicants understand all elements of managing the asset that they are applying for and that it is suitable for their purpose.

Training and support will be offered by voluntary sector partners or Council officers (where required and as appropriate and dependent upon officer availability) to help applicants improve their capability and skills. Each application will also be considered against the City's long-term planning and redevelopment objectives. Rent levels will be set utilising an assessment tool that takes into account how much the local community will benefit from the transfer. The Council will not be providing a list of "available property" as availability changes on a daily basis depending on demand. It is expected that applicants will apply for specific land or buildings to suit their organisations own aims and objectives (for community benefit).

Community Asset Transfer - Application Process

If you are interested in having a Community Asset transferred to your organisation you will need to complete an expression of interest form in the first instance. It is strongly recommended that you read the Premises Pack and Policy Statement prior to commencing the application process. Please see the links below

The Council will need to undertake some preliminary checks based on your Expression of Interest. Once these are complete and BEFORE you are asked to complete the full application form, you will be invited in to "Tell us More" about your organisation and how you think having an Asset transferred to you is the right thing for both your organisation and the local community. You should be offered a date to come and Tell Us More within 8 weeks of submitting your Expression of Interest application.

A panel of 3 people (A Council staff member with a Neighbourhood focus, one with a Property focus and a senior staff member from a key local Voluntary agency) will listen to your proposals. The panel will ask questions to ensure that you can demonstrate how the community will benefit if an asset is transferred to you. They will also want to ensure that your organisation is capable of managing the asset, and that you understand the financial, legal and health and safety obligations that you will be taking on if the transfer is successful. This process is designed to ensure that all transfers are successful and sustainable from the viewpoints of the applicant, the community and the council. 

To find out more about Asset Transfer in Coventry, please call the Community Development Team on 024 7683 1195 or email:

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