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Compact Awards 2011

Coventry CEN again nominated for Compact Awards

Following last year's success in winning one of the first ever Coventry Compact Awards, this year CEN has received two Compact Awards for partnership working.

  • Coventry Community Empowerment Network (CEN) & the Equalities and Community Cohesion Theme Group, Coventry Partnership, working with Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership 2012 Games, The Ricoh Arena Community Space and Coventry City Council, Communications, started an ongoing initiative started in July 2010 with CEN’s "Get Involved in London 2012" Open Weekend Community Information Fair.  Subsequent work has involved raising awareness of and promoting opportunities and activities for Coventry’s communities during the build up to London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and during the Games themselves.

  • Allesley Park Community Association & Coventry City Council, working with Willenhall Community Forum Limited, Voluntary Action Coventry, CEN, CWCDA and Coventry City Council depts. - Finance; Health & Safety; Neighbourhood Action; Legal Services; Community Services; Risk Management; Insurance; Property Asset Management Midland Heart, Whitefriars Housing, worked on thdevelopment and adoption of the Community Asset Transfer Policy over a two year period, involving a Programme Board, Project Team and focus groups.

Coventry is one of England’s leading areas for Compact, one of just 17 areas recognised with Green Flag status by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). The current funding climate means that Compact is more important than ever.

Activities to keep Compact on the radar have reflected this:

• a new Inform, Consult & Involve (ICI) code developed to support Coventry Partnership’s ICI framework

• the Compact Strategic Group meeting immediately before the awards ceremony  

The Compact Awards not only raise awareness of Compact generally, they also celebrate effective partnership working between sectors in the toughest of times. Fifteen nominations were received and twelve awards made, two of these being special commendations. One of these was for the development of the Community Asset Transfer Policy, a piece of joint working between five voluntary or community organisations and eight different teams within the Council. The other special commendation was for Growing Paradise, a holistic neighbourhood gardening project involving residents, Groundwork West Midlands, St Barnabas Family Centre, the City Council and three different housing associations.

The ten commendations covered a wide range of activities – parenting support; raising awareness of Olympic/Paralympic-inspired opportunities; safeguarding older people; raising awareness of mental health amongst churches; helping the transition of new migrant communities; tackling crime and anti-social behaviour by developing community activity; tackling isolation and depression through a knitting group; bringing the City Farm and Henley Green Community Centre back as community resources; and working with Looked After Children to jointly organise a celebration event. All of these demonstrated that they could achieve more by working together than apart, and the full list of partners listed on the Compact Awards 2011 is a good indication of the power of partnership working in Coventry. At the end of the day, this is what Compact is all about.

Compact Awards 2011 Case Studies.pdf (2.0MB)


Coventry Compact Awards 2011 

The 2010 Coventry Compact Awards - the first in the country - were a great success.

Fourteen examples of partnership working being recognised at an awards ceremony following the Compact Strategic Group meeting in June, and subsequently published as case studies.

Compact is about promoting and celebrating good practice as well as challenging poor or unfair practice.

The Compact Awards are your chance to nominate projects that embody the Compact spirit of partnership working between community, voluntary and statutory partners to improve the quality of life for Coventry people. 

The 2011 Compact Award nominations have now closed. 

Details of this year's award winners whill be announced later this year.

For more information please contact Rob Allison on 024 7622 0381 or email 



- is "the working together in partnership of the voluntary, community and statutory sectors to improve the quality of life for Coventry people"

  • - encourages mutual respect, understanding and equality between partners
  • is the continuing development of good practice in joint working

- Codes of practice and other materials have been developed to illustrate this by a multi-sector steering group, drawing from a range of materials and comments from individuals:

  • Funding code
  • Commissioning code
  • Procurement and contracting code
  • Conflict resolution procedure
  • Practical Guide to Partnership Working
  • Model contract framework (for non-tendered contracts*)
  • A brief description of each code plus background information on Coventry's Compact can be found in our introductory leaflet - click here

The Coventry Compact has been adopted by all members of the Coventry Partnership, and working to Compact principles will help your organisation to:

  • build more effective services, maximising involvement of service users and the community
  • work to and evidence good practice
  • work collaboratively to ensure best value for money
  • increase respect, understanding and equality between partners
  • provide a mechanism for reasoned debate

The Compact Steering Group will monitor and evaluate the impact of Compact, and continue to review and develop materials. Coventry was the first area in the country to hold local Compact awards to celebrate successful working in the spirit of Compact. The 14 award winners have been published as case studies and all fourteen can be downloaded as an 8-page booklet below.

For more information please contact Rob Allison on 024 7622 0381 or email 

[* for use with voluntary sector health and social care contracts which are not high risk, not being competitively tendered, and not subject to a prescribed national contract model.]

Compact awards case studies 2010.pdf 2.62 MB
Introduction to Compact.pdf 1.3 MB
Procurement and Contracting Code.pdf 756.19 KB
Commissioning Code.pdf 954.26 KB
Funding Code.pdf 957.6 KB
Practical Guide to Partnership Working.pdf 1.05 MB
Compact model contract 2005 with revised introduction 2009.doc 59.5 KB
Shared Compact View.pdf 714.7 KB



Community Empowerment Network (CEN) receives Coventry Compact Award

The Coventry Compact Awards Ceremony took place on 11th June 2010 at The Welcome Centre, Coventry.  Nominations for these first ever Compact Awards were invited in April for partnership working for the Coventry Compact Awards from organisation's whose work involves co-operation between sectors in the following catagories:

  • Joint working between a statutory organisation and a voluntary or community organisation/group
  • to achieve more together than each could have achieved alone
  • Actual working practices which reflect the good practice set out in Coventry's Compact codes
  • Initiatives or ways of working that enable voluntary and community organisations to thrive
  • Initiatives to embed the Compact codes within internal working practices 

Sixteen nominations were received from a wide range of organisations.  Work had to be jointly nominated by both a statutory and a voluntary/community organisation. 

In 2009 Coventry CEN worked with the Community Safety Partnership to enable community knowledge and expertise inform the 2009/10 Community Safety Partnership Strategic Assessment, which identified community safety priorities in Coventry.  The work also included the review of Safer Neighbourhood Groups and development of an induction pack for all new Safer Neighbourhood Group members which is being distributed by the city's Community Safety Officers.  Coventry CEN and the Community Safety Partnership were jointly nominated for this work and were successful in receiving a commendation for good examples of Compact-style working.   

Other nominees receiving a commendation for good examples of Compact-style working are:

• the MAMTA Project's work with NHS Coventry and UHCW around infant mortality
• Foleshill Women's Training's work with the City Council on preconception care and joint working on employment
• the Children's Society's work with the Police on the Reunite project
• the Innovation and Development Fund delivered by Voluntary Action Coventry for and with NHS Coventry
• the City Council's dissemination of the Coventry Compact Procurement & Contracting Code within its procurement systems
• Coventry Carers Centre and the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust for Caring for Carers
• the United Reformed Church's partnership working with Henley College to run a cafe whilst providing work experience for students with learning disabilities

The following nominees receive a special commendation for particular strong examples of Compact-style working:

• Alzheimers Society & UHCW for the wider partnership behind the Dementia Care Group
• Coventry MIND and NHS Coventry for their joint working in delivering the Increased Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme
• NCT and the City Council's Health Development Unit for Positive About Breastfeeding
• Age Concern Coventry and the Older People's Partnership for Contact & Connect

The awards show the continued commitment of the voluntary and community sectors to working with colleagues in the statutory sector to improve the lives of Coventry people and to achieve more together than could have been achieved separately.


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